Empower Knowledge Sharing with Easy-to-Embed RAG Chatbots

Easily Train and Share: Transform PDFs, URLs, and Text into Smart Chatbots. Embed Anywhere with an iFrame.

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Embed: SASS service for training knowledge

🚀 Easy Knowledge Training. Train on various types of data sources online and access your knowledge base through an API.

✨ Continuous Improvement. We store training records, user questions, and corresponding knowledge matches to continuously refine your knowledge base.

🤖 Seamless Integration. Easily integrate with OpenAI Custom GPTs for an enhanced experience.

Fast Integrate OpenAI Custom GPTs

🔒 Secure API Key Integration. Connect with OpenAI Custom GPTs securely using API keys to ensure safe and reliable integration.

📊 Continuous Optimization. Collect questions and interactions during chat sessions for ongoing improvements, enhancing the model's accuracy and relevance over time.

🔧 Online Privacy Control. Edit privacy settings directly online to ensure compliance and safeguard user data, aligning with the latest regulations.


Eurostat Explorer



Successful Use Cases

📚 Integrate Eurostat database with OpenAI Custom GPTs

⚖️ Integrate New Zealand legislation with OpenAI Custom GPTs

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